Rs 548 million for Cyber Security of Pakistan

Rs 548 million for Cyber Security of Pakistan

The federal government of Pakistan has allocated Rs 548 million for cyber security for Digital Pakistan project. The project includes information technology sector and 32 ongoing projects related to technology field.

The projects are good initiative for enhancement of cybersecurity and data protection measures, establishment of special technology zones, the expansion of broadband and 5G networks, the promotion of e-governance platforms and facilitation of foreign investments.

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Foreign hackers attacking Pakistani websites

According to sources, foreign hackers are making over 100,000 hacking attempts on government website of Pakistan. Recently they tried to access data of National Institutional Facilitation Technologies, a department responsible for clearing all cheques across Pakistan.

The hackers also attacked two major departments of Pakistan including SECP and FBR. They also uploaded the confidential data of CEO and directors, which was later removed by SECP.

To deal with all these problems, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) also released National Telecom Cyber Security Framework to define obligations for auditors and PTA licensees to perform operations considering all the regulations.

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The Ministry of IT also had nationwide Digital Pakistan Cyber Security Hackathon 2022 in different cities of Pakistan to raise awareness about cybersecurity.

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