Dolphin force in Islamabad

Dolphin force in Islamabad

Dophin force has been introduced in Islamabad on the directives of Prime Minister of Pakistan Muhammad Shahbaz Shareef to counter the increasing crime situations in the federal capital of Pakistan.

The summary has been sent to Prime Minister house regarding the recruitment of 900 personnel and building separate headquarters. The force will also get latest 400 motorbikes and a separate headquarter will be built in safe city.

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Dolphin force Murree

The Murree Municipal Corporation in 2018, deployed the Dolphin force to provide a safe environment and restore the confidence of tourists amid the increasing robberies on the major highway and viral videos of tourists being harassed by local traders.

The Dolphin force is an elite security unit established by the Chief Minister of Punjab Shahbaz Sharif in 2018, after a similar force in Turkey provided him with the inspiration to create one in Punjab.

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Now the Dolphin force is introduced in Islamabad to protect the security of Federal capital as crime situation in twin cities is increasing a lot from robbery to rape cases and harrasment cases.

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