PML-N’s Rafique Spells Out ‘Aims Of Project Imran’

PML-N's Rafique Spells Out ‘Aims Of Project Imran’

Coalition Parties Removed Former Prime Minister Imran Khan

Federal Minister for Railways and Aviation Khwaja Saad Rafique stated on Monday that the coalition parties removed former prime minister Imran Khan using constitutionally-authorized methods in order to thwart a “conspiracy” to restore him to power with a two-thirds majority by falsifying election results using Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs), making ill-considered military appointments, and defacing the 1973 Constitution. 

Speaking to reporters in front of an accountability court here, he claimed that those behind “Project Imran” want to establish a presidential system of government and eliminate political leadership in the nation. 

Fundamental Motivation For Toppling The Imran Khan Administration

The fundamental motivation for toppling the Imran Khan administration, he claimed, was the economic crisis, and it happened without any help from the establishment. 

According to Saad, the coalition’s political parties were unaware that their administration would have to deal with “conspiracies by the facilitators of project Imran sitting in the institutions.” 

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Significant Sum Of Money Had Been Invested In The “Project”

He claimed that a significant sum of money had been invested in the “project” of introducing Imran Khan and that the PML-support N’s in the 2018 general elections had been stolen. He claimed that his party had only agreed to the “rigged” election results in order to prevent the nation from becoming unstable. 

He pleaded with Imran Khan’s “facilitators” to keep quiet because their idea had fallen through. 

Deceptive Messaging Had Intentionally Tainted The Minds Of The Younger Generation

The minister claimed that since 2011, deceptive messaging had intentionally tainted the minds of the younger generation against the nation’s political leadership. He claimed that the former prime minister had been portrayed as an angel. 

He claimed that the PTI government ruined the nation’s economy by entering dishonorable deals with the IMF. 

Mr. Saad argued that courts could only interpret the Constitution and then only in accordance with the highest law in response to the Supreme Court’s actions in the case involving the election of the chief minister of Punjab.

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