Pervez Elahi as President of PTI

Pervez Elahi as President of PTI

Chohdary Pervez Elahi along with 15 other members left his ancestor’s party PML-Q and joined PTI. He stood firm with Chairman Imran Khan in changing regime. Yesterday PTI with its official twitter account announced that Pervez Elahi is appointed as President of Pakistan Tehreek E Insaf.

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Senior Vice President of PTI, Fawad Chohdary met Pervez Elahi and presented congratulations to him on behalf of Imran Khan. To which Elahi said that he is gratefyl for the trust reposed in him by chairman Imran Khan. He added that he would continue to stand with Imran Khan no matter what.

Moonis Elahi, Son of President PTI also thanked PTI chairman and said that, “God Willing we will not let you down”. Last month Pervez Elahi announced joining PTI along with other members, saying that he would stand with Imran Khan in hard times.

Conflicts in PML-Q

The conflict in PML-Q started in March last year when no-confidence movement against Imran started. Shujaat Hussain joined opposition and Pervez Elahi along with his son Moonis Elahi supported PTI. Another conflict was witnessed in July during Punjab Chief Minister’s selection.

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Shujaat Hussain at the time of Punjab Chief Minister‘s selection voted for Hamza Shahbaz instead of Pervez Elahi. The PML-Q leader also talked about this split in details, calling Pervez Elahi for reunion but he rejected and remained in PTI.

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