Pakistan’s Toyota company shuts down

Pakistan's Toyota company shuts down

Indus Motor Company Limited, a prominent player in Pakistan’s automotive industry and the manufacturer of Toyota Vehicles, closed its production plant for two weeks due to non-availability of raw materials.

The company is facing serious hurdles in importing raw materials, leading to disruption with its supply chain. All these reasons caused the shut down of plants on a temporary basis.

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Earlier, Indus Motors experienced a brief shutdown of its production plant due to similar problems with raw materials import. The current situation has worsened the scenario leaving the company clueless.

Problems faced by company

The company is facing a lot of problems in importing raw materials and clearing consignments as well as delivering the products and supply chain management. These challenges are due to issues with opening letters of credit from foreign vendors.

Due to all these problems, the company has no choice but to cut down its production activities for some time.

Other prominent companies like Pak Suzuki Motors and Honda Motors have also experienced the same issues in recent months. This is because the automotive industry largely depends on raw materials and Pakistan is dealing with huge import issues.

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The temporary closure of the production plant of company creates a lot of challenges for company, its employees and overall automobile industry.

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