Nadir Ali issues apology on Religion Controversy

Nadir Ali issues apology on Religion Controversy

The controversy is going on regarding Nadir Ali interview from model and actress Sunita Marshal who is Christian herself but married a Muslim man. Nadir Ali questioned the model about her religion choices and personal decisions which netizens are totally not accepting.

YouTuber Nadir Ali faced backlash for inappropriate questions from model about her faith. After receiving a lot of criticism, he took it to instagram and issued a public apology from everyone.

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He also clarified that his intentions were not to hurt anyone’s feelings. He stated that his curiosity led him to ask Sunita about her plans for conversion to Islam but emphasised that religion is a personal choice and he respects everyone.

He also expressed his wish shared by 1.9 billion Muslims, to see people embrace Islam but emphasised that it should be a voluntary decision.

Nadir Ali wrote, “My intentions during the podcast with Sunita were not to hurt her or anyone’s feelings at all. It was just out of curiosity that I asked her about her plans for conversion to Islam. Religion is a personal choice and I respect people of all beliefs. It is my wish and the wish of 1.9 billion Muslims to see people come to Islam but of course with their own choice. If still my words have hurt the feelings of anyone, I apologise”.

Sunita also faced questions

Regarding the interview, Sunita also faced a lot of questions, regarding her religion, reasons for choosing not to convert, her children’s beliefs and her future conversion to Islam. Sunita handled the situation with mature and dignified responses.

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The incident also shed light on importance of boundaries and ethics of journalism, as public figures continues to face invasive questions that break their privacy and personal spaces which is wrong.

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