Pakistani’s Generosity: $30 Million without mentioning name

Pakistani’s Generosity: $30 Million without mentioning name

Turkish Embassy in United States appreciated the kind behavior of Pakistani businessman who donated $30 million to help Syrian and Turkish people without telling name and identity. Turkish ambassador to United States, Hassan Murat Mercan said that a businessman from Pakistan just donated $30 million without saying anything, we are thankful for this generosity.

Turkey and Syria got hit by massive earthquake, the magnitude of this disaster continued to grow as death toll is increasing and now became 24,000. The number of deaths in Turkey is 21,403 and in Syria it is over 3500. Due to this earthquake more than 5.3 million people became homeless, causing 900,000 people leaving without food.

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Global level aids for Turkey and Syria

The world calls out to help victims of Turkey and Syria, Turkish government also call out emergency rescue to help affected people. Countries from around the world area sending donations to help Turkey and Syria. Pakistan also sent rescue teams, doctors and volunteers along with medical equipment to help their brother countries.

The Turkish-American associations and United States organizations are collecting the donations from United States citizens for Turkey and Syria. Hassan Murat Mercan is head of collective associations of aids collection. He told that theses association already sent $100,000-$150,000 as help and a Pakistani businessman donated $30 million that was a huge contribution in the aid.

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Pakistanis have a lot to say about this humble and kind hearted businessman who donated a large amount without even taking his name. Prime Minister Shahbaz Shareef also took it to twitter and expressed his emotions, saying that it is the true example of humanity. This act of humanity and kindness is what we Pakistanis believe on.

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