Pakistan, India over Nuclear Security

Pakistan, India over Nuclear Security

The International Organization evaluating the status of global nuclear security ranked Pakistan above India, Iran and North Korea in matters of handling hazardous materials. Pakistan now ranks 19 on the list of 22 states.

The Washington-based Nuclear Security Index called Nuclear Threat Initiative, a non-profit organization submitted a report about how countries handle their nuclear materials and work on nuclear security.

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The report includes security of nuclear materials and facilities, adherence to international norms and treaties, the regulatory framework for nuclear security and implementing best practices to prevent unauthorized access to nuclear weapons or materials.

The score of Pakistan was 49, higher than India’s 40, Iran’s 29 and North Korea’s 18. The report also mentioned that several countries including Pakistan were adding to their stocks of weapon-grade materials.

Nuclear Security Summits

Eight countries, France, India, Iran, Israel, North Korea, Pakistan, United Kingdom and Russia have increased their stocks of weapons-usable nuclear materials.

Countries are also reneging on their commitments to confidence building and information sharing, key drivers to progress during the period of Nuclear Security Summits.

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The NTI index also mentioned the security of highly enriched uranium and plutonium against theft and the security of nuclear facilities against sabotage.

It reported that this material can be used to build a nuclear bomb and can also result in release of radiation.

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