IMF, Pakistan & 230 Containers of Weapons

IMF, Pakistan & 230 Containers of Weapons

Pakistan is planning to send 230 containers of weapons to Ukraine via Karachi port in the last of this month in order to lock the bailout package of $7.5 billion from International Monetary Fund (IMF).

The weaponse ready to deport includes tanks and rockets, all the weapons will be ported from Karachi port via two vessels MV Bokram and MV Kherson. The weapons sbips will be displaying US and European flags and will be ported in poland and Germany.

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Conflict between Russia & Ukraine

The on-going conflict between Russia and Ukraine has put up a lot of pressue on European countries to provide weapons for Ukraine and Pakistan has emerged as a potential sources of transfering weaponse.

Last year, United Kingdom also created an air bridge to transfer weapons towards Ukraine from Pakistan via Romania.

Pakistan is currently focused on locking up a bailout deal with International Monetary Fund and this transfer of weapons will prove to be a good sign for financial state of Pakistan as well as a good relationship ties with United States which is need of time.

Earlier, in 2022 Pakistan was removed from Financial Action Task Force (FATF) grey list and the release of its IMF funding packages also seen as a good sign between Washington and Rawalpindi.

This year transfer of weapons seems to be the extension of previous deal, it will allow Pakistan to secure the IMF deal while having continous support from west countries. However, this move will impact Pakistan’s relations with Russia.

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It may possible that after transfer of weapons, Russia may consider this move as support of Ukrainian war against Russia and it could take leverage its ties with Talibans to create tensions in Pakistan.

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