‘Pakistan Doesn’t Have to Pick Between US and China’

‘Pakistan Doesn’t Have to Pick Between US and China’

Pakistan to Choose Between US and China

Instead of asking Pakistan to choose between the United States and China, the United States wants nations “to be allowed to have a choice.” 

According to Derek Chollet, a senior assistant to the US Secretary of State, Washington is concerned that countries developing connections with China “are not going to end up well.” 

Washington was not “afraid of competing with China, but would prefer to have a fair rivalry,” Counselor Chollet said in an interview. 

US’s Sincere Differences with India and Pakistan

He emphasised that despite the US’s sincere differences with both India and Pakistan, it wished to retain and broaden its close ties to Islamabad. 

The previous prime minister Imran Khan claimed that the US was involved in overthrowing his government, but Mr. Chollet pointed out that these charges were absolutely unfounded. 

Mr. Chollet responded, “All I can say is that there is nothing to the charges. If the US is dissatisfied with the former premier, then those allegations will make him a less popular leader in the US. They were untrue.” 

US-Pakistan Relationship

“What we want to keep in mind is where the US-Pakistan relationship is going, to reflect on all that we have accomplished in the past 75 years but also all that we must accomplish in the following 75 years.” 

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The US representative also emphasised Washington’s concerns on the current floods in Pakistan, noting that the Biden administration had already offered $30 million in aid and was prepared to provide more. 

“Since 2010, we have not experienced anything like these terrible floods. Additionally, some reports claim that it is worse than the floods of 2010,” he stated. “What we are witnessing in Pakistan is a climate cataclysm. It is just devastating.” 

Partners in the International Community

He declared that the US was dedicated to “doing our share, alongside our partners in the international community, to help Pakistan respond to this horrible natural tragedy.” 

The US would also collaborate with the UN to generate $160 million for the flood victims, he said. 

When asked about his claim that the US was not frightened of engaging in fair competition with China, he responded, “Pakistan has a close relationship with China and has for a long time. The US is once again not requesting that other nations choose between it and China. We merely want nations to be able to make a decision.” 

US Security Concerns

When Mr. Chollet was reminded that historically, this relationship was more closely tied to US security concerns regarding the area, he responded, “We are interested in diversifying the relationship even further. Our company partnership is already quite solid and stable. But I believe we are interested in developing that further.” 

He responded, “Oh, without a doubt. Pakistan still has strategic relevance for the US. In fact, Pakistan is one of the largest Muslim nations in the world. The population is fifth- or sixth-largest there. The US regards it as a crucially vital nation.”

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