Non-Saudi residents can now buy one property in Kingdom

Headline ‘ Non-Saudi residents can now buy one property in Kingdom

Non-Saudis, who are legal residents of the Saudi Kingdom, can now own a single property, as per the latest report in Saudi Gazette.

The Absher platform has laid out three requirements that expatriates should fulfil in a bid to buy a property in the Kingdom.

The platform said with the support of infographics that this service enables residents to apply for a permit to have their own property within the Kingdom, enumerating the following three conditions.

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— The foreigner must be having a valid and unexpired residency ID (Muqeem).

— The person must provide all information about the property with a copy of the title deed.

— They should not have another property in the Kingdom.

The property can be land or a building located in a residential area. In respect of land, the total area shall not exceed (3,000 m2).

The right to own property for the objective of housing must be for the owner or his family. The right to use the property for another purpose has not been granted naturally – unless permitted by the state’s law in which the property is located.

Absher said that the service could be availed by accessing “My Services” (Khidmaty) on the platform, then entering “Services” (Khidmat), then “General Services” (Al-Khidmatul Aamma). From there, “Application for owning real estate for non-Saudis” can be tapped.

Only Saudi citizens have been allowed to advertise real estate in the Kingdom. This will be implemented in early September, local media reported.

New advertising controls intend to reduce fake real estate ads and enhance credibility and reliability.

The regulation also requires that advertisers should be registered on the National Single Sign-On Platform (NAFAZ), given that the advertiser is a legal agent, property owner, or real estate broker having an underwritten authorisation or court order.

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