Nawaz, Zardari Meetup

Nawaz, Zardari Meetup

An important meeting is scheduled to take place in Dubai today between Nawaz Sharif, the leader of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N), and Asif Ali Zardari and Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari, the co- chairpersons of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP).

Bilawal arrived in Dubai from Karachi via Emirates Air Flight EK601, while Asif Ali Zardari had already been in Dubai for two days. Nawaz Sharif is also present in the city.

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The primary agenda of the meeting is expected to revolve around the upcoming general elections and the formation of a caretaker government.

The coalition partners will likely discuss matters such as seat adjustments, the selection of the caretaker prime minister, and the role of allies in the elections.

There have been reports that the PML-N is considering proposing Ishaq Dar's name for the caretaker prime minister position, aiming to ensure the continuation of their economic policies.

However, the final decision on Dar candidature will be made in consultation with the PPP next week.

The government is also contemplating amending Section 230 of the Elections Act 2017 to empower the caretaker government to make economic decisions.

The proposed amendments would grant the interim setup the authority to take necessary steps to revive the economy, going beyond the limitations currently imposed on the caretaker government.

As per the existing law, the caretaker government can only handle day-to-day matters necessary for the functioning of the government and assist the Election Commission in conducting the elections.

Major policy decisions or significant international engagements are not within its mandate, except in urgent cases.

Top Political Leadership

This meeting marks a second round of consultations between the top leadership of the two coalition parties in a month.

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The previous meeting, held on June 28 in Dubai, also covered topics such as the dissolution of assemblies for the general elections, the interim government, seat adjustments, and the broader political situation, including Nawaz Sharif’s potential return to the country.

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