Twitter & Political Activism in Pakistan

Twitter & Political Activism in Pakistan

It has been seen that many movements came out from twitter and became proper change setters.

Twitter is famous for its hash tag(#) feature which bring changes over the nights, hash tags like #metoo, #blacklivesmatter, #covid19, and many more such hash tags. When we talk about Pakistan, the very first political activism movement was Tehrik e Pakistan that aimed for the creation of Pakistan for the Muslims majority living in the sub-continent.

When we talk about today’s world when social media became an important part of life, not only for interaction and entertainment purposes but also for the political activism and interaction.

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It is changing the entire scenario of political atmosphere and bringing all new levels of political communication. One of the greatest benefit of using twitter as a tool for political activism is that politicians themselves creating their messages and engage their supporters in it.

The internet and social media proved its power into global lens by the Arab spring protest in 2010. It was the very first time when people of Middle East countries started posting video and pictures of protests in front of international viewers.

This was the very first time when activists came out against state controlled media and started sharing their own part of story with the rest of the world.

Activists & Politics

When we talk about political activism on social media especially twitter, there are two types of activists’ left-wing activists and right-wing activists. Left wing activists are mostly involved in straight traditional hash tag activism. While right wing activists mostly manipulate the agendas, use them for their own hidden agendas and spread their messages.

They are most likely to involve in disinformation and conspiracy theories.

The politicians should work on their twitter handles and generate a positive public response towards them by engaging them in two way communication and responses to their problems.

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We already know that active participation of youth in politics of Pakistan had a very effective impact on situation of country so we should pay more attention to this change bringing tool called twitter and use it for betterment of society.

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