How sun poisons you ?

How sun poisons you ?

Climate is changing drastically and the world is witnessing totally different records of temperatures around the globe. Some of the countries recorded the hottest days of year and the UK also witnessed mercury rising to 32°C.

Sunny and hot days could also be a source of fun as people spend most of their time on beaches and parks to get a skin tan, some of people in cold areas love to sit under the sun and get sun rays for their skin and health.

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But these high temperatures may also cause harm to health including sun poisoning. Sun poisoning is basically a serious inflaming skin condition, when skin is exposed to ultraviolet radiations coming from sunlight.

What is Sun Poisoning ?

Sun Poisoning is not a medically diagnosed disease, but a really bad condition which arises after severe sunburn, it also requires medical attention to prevent further damage to the skin, heatstroke and cancer.

The most common symptoms seen in sun poisoned patients is face swelling. When a person gets too much sun, the immune system reacts causing the skin to get red which becomes painful.

Blood flow also increases causing the blood vessels to enlarge, resulting in redness and sometimes swelling. There is no proper medication for sun poisoning but people are advised to take some safety precautions to avoid it.

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Staying in shade, especially between 11am and 3pm.
Wear sunscreen, a hat and light clothes
Have a cool shower and put cold water on your skin
Have cold food and drinks
Avoid exercise that makes you feel hotter

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