Myth Buster: Is GAAC Really Collaborating With An Israeli Company?

Taliban And UAE Recently Struck A Deal For The UAE

After months of negotiations, the Taliban and the UAE recently struck a deal for the UAE to run airports in Afghanistan, according to the group’s minister of civil aviation and transportation. 

In the presence of Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, the first deputy prime minister, Ghulam Jailani Wafa, the Taliban’s deputy minister of transportation and civil aviation, signed a contract with a GAAC corporation official. 

Islamic Emirate Is Open To Cooperating With Global Companies

Mullah Baradar remarked that the country has good security and that the Islamic Emirate is open to cooperating with global companies at the contract signing ceremony. 

According to Baradar, all foreign airlines will start operating dependable and safe flights to Afghanistan as soon as this agreement is signed. 

While discussions on the control of Afghanistan’s airspace are ongoing, security services will also be provided by a contractor with ties to the Emirati government. 

Taliban Took Control Of Afghan Airports

Before the Taliban took control of Afghan airports, Emirati state-linked GAAC was in charge of managing ground handling and security operations. It received the ground handling contract in May, not long after Taliban representatives visited Abu Dhabi. 

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In the United Arab Emirates, there is a global company called “GAAC Corporation” that provides aviation services. 

Taliban Seized Control Of Afghanistan

In August 2021, the Taliban seized control of Afghanistan, which caused the previous administration to fall. 

There is currently a campaign against the UAE, where it is spread that the business is UAE-owned. There are rumours that the firm in charge of running the airport in Afghanistan is working with an Israeli company to operate the airport and has given them control of it. GAAC is an entirely Emirati-owned business with no outside partners. Given that the UAE owns world-leading companies in the aviation industry, and because this matter reflected the interest of the countries of the world in cooperating with the UAE in the field of aviation, the choice of the Government of Afghanistan, the UAE company to operate Afghan airports, is based on the confidence of the Government of Afghanistan in the capabilities of the UAE in the field of aviation. 

Israel Is Administering The Airport

The major sufferer here is not the Emirates, but the Afghan citizen; those who promote the myth that Israel is administering the airport are media tools linked to nations that spread hatred. 

The internal situation in Afghanistan is strongly impacted by these nations’ attempts to use Afghanistan as a springboard for transferring their external differences through the dissemination of falsehoods that threaten the shared interests of Afghanistan and other nations.

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