Mahira Khan turns 37, talks about traumatic life experiences


Superstar Mahira Khan, who turned 37 yesterday, marked her birthday with close friends and family.

The actress celebrated her special day by cutting a cake with her son, Azlan.

It was a good day for Mahira, who has made it to the nominees for TC Candler’s list of the 100 beautiful faces of 2021.

Mahira recently starred in the drama Aik Hai Nigar and is on TV as Mehreen in the highly talked-about Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay. She sat down for an interview recently to shed light on her family, work and how she maintains the balance between her private and public life.

Mahira said that she does not feel comfortable while speaking about private matters.

“I have fallen many times. At times, it is an apparent fall. Even if I talk about my problems, what good will come out of me talking about the experiences that I have gone through? Maybe, one day, I can write about them in a book. However, I am not that brave right now.”

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Mahira said she has ample support from her ex-husband when it comes to raising their son Azlan.

“His father and my family are completely on the same page when it comes to Azlan,” revealed the actor.

The Verna actor talked about the bitter memories of her life before making it big in the Pakistani film industry.

“We think we forget, but our bodies store all the trauma. I’ve recently developed a muscular issue, and I’m dead sure that it is linked to trauma. I think therapy is important, and I have started my sessions recently.”

While the actor said she would have to spare some thought to do another project with Shah Rukh Khan, she is no longer ready to work with other Indian co-stars.

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