Lionel Messi suspended for his trip to Saudi Arabia

Lionel Messi suspended for his trip to Saudi Arabia

Lionel Messi got suspended from his club after a without-permission visit to Saudi Arabia. Paris Saint-Germain suspended him for two weeks, also implemented fine fee on footballer for his visit.

The suspension will prevent Messi from training or playing in PSGs upcoming matches as he did not took the matter seriously and visited Saudi Arabia without permission.

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According to the details, Lionel Messi requested permission to travel to Saudi Arabia for his commercial work but was denied. However, he still went to the trip and disciplinary action was resulted on his return.

Messi’s future with PSG

This recent punishment and suspension put a lot of questions about Messi’s future with PSG. His two-year contract is also expiring this summer. PSG is also looking for some younger talent, a lot of question are arising about his contract renewal.

PSG is currently at the top of Ligue 1 with five games go and they are looking to get ninth title also. Now it seems that Messi’s time with PSG is over and future will see him in any other club.

Reports are also about Barcelona is looking to being him back to camp. The club is in talks with LaLiga about generating more flexibility in their Financial Fair Play Ratio. The club is deciding to sign contract with Messi and bring him back to Barcelona.

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Saudi Arabian Club Al Hilal also offered Messi a one-year deal worth £400m. However, it is unclear whether he will accept the offer or not. He also served as a tourism ambassador to the Middle Eastern country.

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