Football Stadium for Islamabad

Football Stadium for Islamabad

Islamabad is set to get an international standard football stadium in the city, Capital Development Authority (CDA) approved the construction of an international level stadium of football in capital of Pakistan.

The decision of building an international levep stadium is taken during the sixth meeting of year at CDA headquarters. The meeting was chaired by Captain (Retd) Noor ul Amin Mengal.

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Building and Housing Control Wing

The CDA board also approved the construction of the building and housing control wing. The building maps shall be approved by the board without the construction of water recharging well and tank.

The board meeting decided to made rain water harvesting mandatory in all commercial and residential buidings of Islamabad.

The establishment of Building Control Wing will help to prevent illegal constructions and make sure the construction of building by laws. 50 different tsams of on-ground staff will perform their duties for building control wing. The teams will consist of one assistant director and two surveyors.

The CDA board also look over the Sanitation process of city and approved the rules & regulations for strengthening Sanitation Directorate and Enviroent Wing. The board also gave the organization to impose fines and punishments.

CDA board also approved the amendments in ICT Building Control by Laws Regulation 2002 and laws for construction on IJP and Murre Road have also been approved.

The Decision to change the name of Ladies Club in G-10 sector was also taken in the meeting. The new name would be Citizen Center G-10.

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The Board also gave the approval to establish the CDA Pension fund and Endowment Fund according to which 5% of salary will be added to the fund.

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