Rawalpindi at Major Risk

Rawalpindi at Major Risk

The garrison city is at risk of massive devastating floods as heavy moonsoon rains are predicted thai year and Rawalpindi is already facing shortage of funds. The cleaning of 10 major rain drain areas is still not started.

Low lying areas like Nullah Leh is not cleaned yet and process is delaying yet. This is putting the life of people at stake living in low-lying areas of Rawalpindi.

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Before the start of Moonsoon season, Rawalpindi Municipal Corporation (RMC) solved the matter of Rs 40 million fund from government for cleaning 10 main rain drainage areas but cleaning is not started yet.

Funds for WASA

The Water and Sanitation Agency (WASA) also demanded for Rs 20 million fund from Government as the price of diesel is doubled and earlier given funds of Rs 30 million are mot enough to meet the needs.

WASA explained the situation that, last year price of diesel was Rs 150 per litre but now it is Rs 300 litre and managing the tasks with the same amount of funds is difficult. The report added, “This ammount is inadequate for cleaning exercise because both small and large machinery operates on diesel”.

It is also said that, only 50% cleaning of Nullah Lai is possible which is doubling the danger of flooding in Rawalpindi. While government has not yet decided about giving more funds to RMC or WASA for proper cleaning.

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The pre-moonsoon season is predicted to be starting after 1.5 months and it will require 2.5 months for cleaning the drain areas in Rawalpindi. The cleaning must begin in May but if government delays the funding, cleaning will also be delayed.

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