Pubg Golden Moon Bazar Redeem Code

Pubg Golden Moon Bazar Redeem Code

Pubg Mobile announcing events in Holy month of Ramadan is not new, it always launch new updated events related to different occasions going on in world. This time Pubg announced Golden Moon Bazar Redeem Code.

The Pubg Golden Moon Bazar Redeem Code event is for celebrating Ramadan under Arabian Theme offering legendary rewards for players. Players can easily get the rewards by collecting Tide Medals during the event.

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The Golden Moon Bazar Redeem Code contains a lot of rewards till April 14th. Special Golden Moon Crate is available through which players can get priceless sets like Crescent Princess, Resplendent Prince, Golden Prince, and Golden Trigger.

A legendary set is also available for players permanently during the event. Under the gold plated Moon Treasure, the new prizes of outfits and UC rebates is available for purchasing sets. It also includes mini events like Eid ul Fitr Feast, Popularity Ranking, Golden Moon Showdown and Golden Moon Blessing.

How to Get Redeem Codes

Pubg players can get the codes by visiting the officials sites of game on Twitter and other social media accounts. Players can also get the codes through official website on Pubg Mobile Redemption Code page.

There are also many websites providing free redeem codes to get the rewards as gifts. However, players should be careful of scam or fraud while using any third party website to get the rewards.

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The Pubg Mobile Golden Moon Bazar Redeem Code is ending on April 30th, 2023 to claim free Golden Moon Crate for getting the products and rewards present during the event.

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