Economy is terms of Tourism

Economy is terms of Tourism

Tourism is one of the most important factor for any country to boost its economy and financial resources and Pakistan is full of natural and historical tourist spots to grab the attention of people from around the world.

Despite floods, terrorism, earthquakes and Covid-19 the Tourism sector of Pakistan still has a great potential to achieve good financial help and uplifting the life style of residents of hilly areas of Pakistan.

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The country is full of eye catching beauty of high mountain ranges, vast greenery, soothing fresh water lakes, calm deserts and historic momuments. Pakistan holds a great history from invadors, rulers, historians and religions, signs of which are still present in various parts of Pakistan.

What attracts the Tourists most ?

The diversified culture and noble traditions of Pakistan attracts the tourist most. Most of the tourists loved the fact of brotherhood, hospitality, religious harmony, cuisines and cultural values of Pakistan.

A lot of historical civilizations of Bhudda, Gandhara, Indus, Mughals, and Sikhs are present in architecture and attire of Pakistan. The country is also one of the best destination for tourists who love nature.

Despite all these facts and heart catching spots of Pakistan, the tourism authorities of Pakistan are holding limited potential. Pakistan is still struggling to utilize economic and financial benefits from this sector.

The current economic state of Pakistan is not so stable and all the financial resources are stopped due to poor outcome and increasing inflation. At this time, it is a great need to promote awareness by educating people about the importance of tourism.

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For promoting tourism, the need of people’s participation and sense of belonging to one’s country and environment is one of the most important thing. Every citizen of Pakistan should know the importance of cultural, historical and natural resources of Pakistan. Through Tourism we can earn a lot and make our country better in economic and financial state.

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