Islamia University Bahawalpur incident

Islamia University Bahawalpur incident

There have been several arrests at the Islamic university Bahawalpur in Pakistan as part of a crackdown against possessing obscene videos and images of students.

The arrests began with the detention of the university’s security advisor, Ijaz shah, who was found in possession of drugs during a search by the police.

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Following this, the finance director, Abu Bakar, and transport incharge, Muhammad Altaf, were also taken into custody after a police raid. During the investigation, police discovered eight grams of ice (crystal methamphetamine) in the pocket of Muhammad Altaf, who confessed to possessing the drug.

A case was registered under the control of narcotic substances act, and further investigation revealed the existence of around 400 obscene videos and images related to the university’s female students and teachers.

The police investigation suggested that a group of teachers at the university was involved in the sale of drugs and the sexual exploitation of female students and staff.

Zero-Tolerance Policy of Drugs

This has led to a significant scandal and outcry, with accusations being denied by the university’s Vice Chancellor, Dr. Athar Mehboob, who labeled the cases against the officials as he emphasized that the university follows a zero-tolerance policy for drug use and sexual harassment.

Women’s rights organizations, such as the Aurat march Lahore, have expressed dismay over reports of women being spied on, harassed, and blackmailed at the university.

They criticize the university’s decision to install more cameras on campus, which they believe limits the mobility, employment, and freedom of female students, rather than addressing the root causes of the issue.

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The situation has sparked concerns about the safety and well-being of students and staff at the Islamic University Bahawalpur, and there are calls for a transparent investigation by a joint investigation team to address the alleged incidents and safeguard the university’s reputation.

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