Islamabad’s Participation In Beijing-Hosted Event ‘Blocked By New Delhi’

Islamabad’s Participation In Beijing-Hosted Event ‘Blocked By New Delhi’

India prevented Pakistan from attending a Conference That Was Held In China

Last week, India prevented Pakistan from attending a conference that was held in China. Speculations regarding Pakistan’s motivations for not attending the multilateral gathering on Friday’s margins of the BRICS summit were sparked by its absence from the “High-level Dialogue on Global Development.” 

On Monday, the Foreign Office clarified the matter by stating: “Unfortunately, one member prevented Pakistan from participating.” The FO did not specify which nation it was, but a background diplomatic source verified that it was India. 

Many Countries Took Art In The Virtual Event

In addition to the five BRICS nations of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa, Algeria, Argentina, Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Senegal, Uzbekistan, Cambodia, Ethiopia, Fiji, Malaysia, and Thailand also took part in the virtual event. 

The leaders of 18 nations discussed global development issues of shared interest, according to a communiqué released following the meeting, and came to a broad consensus on the need to foster cooperation in the areas of poverty reduction, development, food security, pandemic preparedness, vaccines, financing for climate change and green development, industrialization, the digital economy, and connectivity. 

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Although it is commonly known that India opposes Pakistan’s participation in multilateral gatherings, many people were surprised when Beijing gave in to Indian pressure. 

According to FO spokesman Asim Iftikhar, China and Pakistan had discussions over this subject before to the BRICS summit. He clarified that decisions at BRICS, including whether to extend invitations to non-members, are made following consultations with all members. 

Pakistan’s absence was notable because this gathering is regarded as the beginning of the anticipated growth of BRICS. 

Principles Of Inclusivity

In light of the general interests of the developing world, Mr. Iftikhar expressed the hope that “principles of inclusivity” will be upheld at upcoming events of the organisation. He advised against making such a choice based solely on “short-sighted geo-political reasons”. 

The spokesman emphasised Pakistan’s intention to collaborate with emerging nations, such as the BRICS members, in order to address the problems facing the international community. He claimed that Pakistan respects China’s efforts to advance the interests of developing nations. 

“Pakistan has been a steadfast advocate for world peace, prosperity for everyone, and inclusive development with China.” He said, “Pakistan is a member of the Global Development Initiative’s (GDI) group of friends and serves as the G77 plus China’s current chair.” 

Mr. Iftikhar denied reports that China was giving Pakistan the cold shoulder, saying that the two countries were still iron brothers and all-weather strategic allies. He continued, “The two countries are completely committed to advancing our comprehensive collaboration both bilaterally and multilaterally.”

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