Imran ‘Hurt’ By Detailed SC Judgement

Imran ‘Hurt’ By Detailed SC Judgement

Imran Khan Expressed Dissatisfaction

PTI Chairman Imran Khan expressed his dissatisfaction with the Supreme Court’s thorough ruling in the suo motu case against the deputy speaker’s decision on Wednesday night, saying the high court ought to have looked into the matter after President Arif Alvi discussed it with the chief justice. 

The court’s comments that there being no probe into the threat letter “hurt me profoundly,” Mr. Khan remarked on Thursday while speaking at a rally in Dera Ghazi Khan’s PP-28 district. “Before the federal cabinet, I presented the cypher. The meeting minutes are here.” Imran Khan asserted, “I brought this letter to the National Security Committee meeting and even laid it on the table in Parliament.” 

Five-Member Bench

The ex-PM claimed that the letter was even discussed with the top justice before the government’s commission established to look into the alleged conspiracy was disbanded following the overthrow of the PTI administration. Mr. Khan “respectfully” questioned the five-member bench that rendered the decision, “What else could I have done?”

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 The CJP should have looked into the situation when Mr. Alvi presented the letter with him, according to the PTI leader. The former PM said the top judge took suo motu notice and opened courts at night but an elected PM was removed through an alleged conspiracy yet nothing was done, referring to the suo motu notice that reversed Qasim Suri’s April 3 ruling regarding the dismissal of the no-confidence motion against Mr. Khan. 

Pakistani Prime Minister

According to Mr. Khan, the court ought to have looked into the recipient of the message calling for the PM’s dismissal. He asserted that no Pakistani prime minister would ever again stand up for the nation if nothing was done about the conspiracy. 

Once more, Mr. Khan criticised Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) Sikandar Sultan Raja. CEC Raja, why do you spend three days in Lahore when you are the election commissioner for the entire nation, he demanded. He asserted that he had the “documents” of Mr. Raja’s discussions with the PML-N and warned that the country would not pardon him. 

Mr. Khan predicted that the PTI would win the Punjab by-elections despite the PML-N and “umpires” working together.

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