G77+China seeks new world order for economic prosperity

g77+china seeks new world order for economic prosperity

g77+china seeks new world order for economic prosperity

G77+China is looking to shake the current global status quo with a preposition for a “new economic world order” at a gathering of developing countries which represents 80 percent of the world population.

The preposition is presented at the The G77+China summit held in Havana, Cuba where more than 100 member delegates marked their presence, while a few countries’ heads of state were in attendance. United Nations head Antonio Guterres also joined the summit along with 30 heads of state.

The meeting discussed the disproportionate wealth between the west and south, and called the divide unfair and unjust. The closing statement of the meeting called for the establishment of a new economic world order.

The collective of 134 members, with China who is not a full-member, declared September 16 as the annual Day of Science, Technology and Innovation in the South. The meeting noted with concern the disparities for the capability to produce new scientific and technological knowledge between the two parts of the world.

The statement released by the G77+China further said, “We call upon the international community, the United Nations System and the International Financial Institutions to support the efforts of the countries of the South to develop and strengthen their national science, technology and innovation systems.”

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The meeting also cited the response of the world to the COVID-19 pandemic and the unequal distribution of vaccines. It noted that the rich nations received disproportionate vaccines, whereas developing nations did not receive the required numbers.

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The meeting called on the United Nations to call a special meeting to address the issues of inequality of wealth, resources and concentration of wealth and power. A 46-point long final declaration adopted by the summit called for an equitable international economic and social order.

China said that although it was not a full member but it supported the legitimate demands of the bloc.

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