Free Marriage Halls for Deserving families

Free Marriage Halls for Deserving families

The Masjid Rahmat ul Alamin in F/8 sector of Islamabad became the first ever mosque to establish a marriage hall without any charges to help poor and deserving people celebrating their daughter’s wedding with happiness and joy.

The main initiative of this free-of-charge marriage hall is to make the day of celebration special for deserving families who cannot afford to make it memorable due to shortage of money.

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The wedding hall is equipped with well decorated stage, crockery, tables, chairs and trained waiters to serve food for the guests of orphan and deserving brides.

Alleviating Financial Burden

The initiative of providing free marriage halls for deserving families ensures that newly wed daughters are sent to their new homes with full dignity and respect according to our religious norms. The initiative aims to ease the financial burden from poor families and enabling them to celebrate their special occasion with joy and respect.

The Hall is set for three-hour time limit and parents of bride are allowed to choose khateeb for Nikah ceremony or solemnize the Nikkah themselves. To book the marriage hall, parents can contact the Mosque management.

Taj Qamar, a member of Mosque Committee encourages families to link their daughters’ departure with the call to prayer and salah, to avoid superstitions. After the ceremony concludes, the mosque must be thoroughly cleaned and arrangements can be made for departure ceremony according to needs of family.

The compassionate initiative will help the white clothed families from taling unnecessary loans or seeking external assistance for marriage of their kids.

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This will not only help the family, daughter but will also foster a strong bond of future generations with Islamic teachings and mosque. The blessings of Mosque and following the Islamic culture in marriage make the bond more blessed and joyous.

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