Barcelona’s Youngest Player, Lamine Yamal

Barcelona's Youngest Player, Lamine Yamal

The Youngest Lamine Yamal born in 2007 made his first debut against Real Betis, back when first iPhone was released and Messi was already the top emerging talent in the field of football.

Now smartphones have taken over the world and Messi won the world cup and Lamine Yamal entered the Football world becoming the Barcelona’s youngest player to debut in La Liga.

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After 86 minutes, as a substitute for Gavi during Barcelona’s 4-0 victory against Real Betis, this 15 years, 9 months and 16 days old Footballer entered the ground for very first time.

Three Youngest Players from Barcelona

According to the Barcelona website report, only three players before Lamine entered the ground at this very young age. Armand Martinez Sagi in 1920 who was 14 years old, Carles Comamala in 1903, 14 years old and Paulino Alcantara in 1912,15 years old.

When Lamine Yamal entered the pitch, the result was already decided but he did made an impact with his brilliant performance. With only brilliant Goalkeeper Rui Silva, who stopped Lamine from scoring fifth goal for Barcelona.

Seeing crowd and cheers for this youngest player was the coolest thing on internet. He played with confidence and he showed his ability to the world.

The passes he moved in the final third were really good. Lamine Yamal does not seem like a 15-year-old as he is very mature and know his moves in the game.

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The training he is getting is really well and he can mark an era at this club as part of this team. Barcelona fans are all excited for this new entry in the team.

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