Flash Movie Boxoffice situation

Flash Movie Boxoffice situation

The Flash movie is one of the greatest superhero movies of all time, but it continues to underperform and disappoint at the box office. The box office of Flash is now the second worst in collection and reviews.

The film’s box office has dropped significantly after an already disappointing opening weekend.

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The Flash has been a troubled movie, when first announced in 2014, it took nine years to release. The recent 73% drop is below other recent DCEU films that flopped at the box office.

Black Adam dropped 59% in its second weekend while Shazam dropped 69%, both films lost money for the studio but the drop in Flash was huge from all other movies.

Reasons of Flash Flop

The main and obvious reason of Flash flop is that some people don’t want to see the movie due to Miller’s controversies. The film has also seen some steep competition in theatres with another multiversal superhero movie, Spider Man.

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The audience also complained about the bad CGI and distasteful cameos on Twitter. The movie was also supposed to reset the DCEU, movies have been disappointing and although The Flash resetting may be good for future movies.

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