Enjoy Amazon Prime Video & Spotify Without Having A Credit Card

Enjoy Amazon Prime Video & Spotify Without Having A Credit Card

Spotify and Amazon Prime Video

If you want to enjoy streaming of Spotify and Amazon Prime Video and you don’t have a credit card. Don’t worry, here we have listed multiple solutions for you.

Amazon Prime Video and Spotify are two of the most popular streaming services on the market, with millions of subscribers around the world. 

Library of Movies, TV Shows, Music, and Podcasts

They both offer an extensive library of movies, TV shows, music, and podcasts that can be enjoyed without a credit card.

With Amazon Prime Video and Spotify, you can access their content without having to worry about any hidden fees or long-term contracts. 

Payment Methods

You can enjoy their services with prepaid cards or other payment methods that don’t require a credit card. 

This makes them great options for those who don’t have access to a traditional bank account or credit cards.

Exploring Other Alternatives to Accessing Amazon Prime Video & Spotify without a Credit Card

Accessing Amazon Prime Video and Spotify without a credit card can be a challenge, but there are alternatives. Gift cards for both services are available, allowing users to pay for their subscription without having to use a credit card. Additionally, free trials of Amazon Prime Video are available, allowing users to test out the service before committing to it. This article will explore these alternatives and provide guidance on how to access these services without having to use a credit card.

How To Enjoy Amazon Prime Video Without Having a Credit Card?

Virtual Card provider companies will help you to stream Amazon Prime Video without having a credit card. 

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You might be familiar with companies like Easypaisa JazzCash and other HBL Konnect if you reside in Pakistan. These services are excellent for moving money around Pakistan.

Local Internet Payments

The traditional banking services, such as bill payment and local internet payments within Pakistan, are replaced by these services. 

They do not, however, offer a means of making foreign payments; for those, you must contact a neighboring bank and open an account. 

Payment Gateways like RAAST

Even though the Pakistani government has established payment gateways like RAAST, these only offer local payment solutions and no online alternatives.

This is where Nayapay emerges, offering a comprehensive solution. This programme includes features that are similar to those of Easypaisa and JazzCash at first glance, but it also has additional features.

Conventional Money Transfer Apps

The Nayapay app differs from other conventional money transfer apps, as we’ve already mentioned. 

Like WhatsApp, it offers a comprehensive solution that includes sending money to your contact lists and paying bills online, but what thrills us the most is its capacity to offer a free virtual credit card called VISA VIRTUAL, which is its key characteristic. 

Physical Debit Card

Similar to that, it also offers us a physical debit card, specifically a visa physical, without charging any fees.

There are numerous points of sale in Pakistan where you can utilise this free physical visa card.

How To Enjoy Spotify Without Having a Credit Card?

NAYAPAY is a perfect solution for you if you want to enjoy listening to Spotify in Pakistan. A virtual card is comparable to a conventional debit card, with the exception that it only exists on your smartphone. 

On the NayaPay app, as soon as your wallet is generated, you will get your virtual card. 

Virtual Card Online

You can make purchases with your virtual card online, including one-time purchases at e-commerce sites and regular subscriptions.

The card may be fully controlled through the app, including the ability to set spending restrictions, freeze the card, and enable or disable foreign payments.

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