Cristiano Ronaldo arrived in Saudi Arabia for unveiling at Al Nassr Club

Cristiano Ronaldo arrived in Saudi Arabia for unveiling at Al Nassr Club

The most richest footballer of the world Cristiano Ronaldo arrived in Riyadh Saudi Arabia for unveiling after joining Al Nassr football club. Saudi Arabia signed a deal of more than 200 million euros with Ronaldo to play in Al Nassr club for 2.5 years.

Ronaldo is currently staying in five star hotel in Riyadh. The five time winner of football cup came with a his experienced team of assistants and personal security firm. The famous footballer left last club after getting great rivalry from Messi who lifted the trophy against Argentina.

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Experts are saying that this is the best step taken by Saudia to get their football sport on international level. Ronaldo has win 5 world cups and one win against England and became the first footballer to score at top in his penalty.

History in making

After dealing this agreement with Saudi Al Nassr football club, Ronaldo became the highest paid player in the world. The Saudi Al Nassr club announced Ronaldo’s deal with them in a tweet as “history in the making”

Ronaldo on sharing his thoughts said that this is the right time for me to do something in Asia and I have achieved all the milestones that I have thought before entering the game. He also agreed to become ambassador for Saudi Arabia 2030 Olympic Bid.

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Ronaldo played and won five time d’or matches and recognized as the game changer player, with old rival Lionel Messi who also agreed previously to join Saudi Al Nassr Club. Now its time for history to make changes in football career of Saudi Arabia

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