Hydropower project suspended due to worst management

Hydropower project suspended due to worst management

A meeting was held on 2 January 2023 in Peshawar reporting that Chinese engineers stopped working in Swat and Shangla, resulted in suspension of hydropower project. the work strategy and roadmap for completing the project was very worst.

The meeting was supervised by Nisar Ahmad, secretary of power and energy, chief executive officer PEDO Naeem khan, DC Swat Junaid khan and other senior members of hydropower project.

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Security concern of Chinese engineers

Regarding the current law and order situations of Pakistan, Chinese management was concern about the security of their engineers. Recent terror attacks in different parts of country worsen the situation more. Meeting held in Peshawar discussed about all the security measures to be taken for security of Chinese engineers.

Security agencies are contacted to provide full proof security arrangements for Chinese workers, bullet proof vehicles should be arranged for engineers to travel within the premises of project. PEDO engineer Naeem Khan explained that the suspension in project and security threats will may lead to huge loss for province.

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The meeting points include all the details of Hydropower project. in the first half engineers stopped working in district swat, on 85 megawatt hydropower project. While on the second half in July, they stopped working on Shangla, 11.8 megawatt project and moved to Islamabad for security concerns.

Power and energy Secretary Nisar Ahmad ordered the meeting officials to make all possible measures for safety of Chinese engineers and making sure the work on Hydropower project resume sooner. The timeline and proper roadmap with quality management should be provided to the workers for successful completion of project.

Concerned security agencies, police, administration of close district should be involved for proper security strategies in surrounding era of Hydropower project.

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