COVID-19 Impact on Pakistani youth

COVID-19 Impact on Pakistani youth

World Bank Survey reported that around 1.6 million Pakistani youth is idle due to impact of Covid-19. According to the survey pre-school enrolment rate decreased by more than 15 % and Pakistani children between the ages of six to fourteen are dropped from school in more than 6%.

 The new report named as, “Collapse and Recovery: How Covid eroded Human capital and what to do about it”. Report was released on Thursday explaining that pandemic effected people at key development stages. It is estimated that students in south Asia lost up to 14% of their future earnings due to educational loss in Covid-19.

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In south Asia schools were closed for more than one year’s causing many kids to leave school permanently. Among School aged children for every 30 days school closure, students lose their 32 days of knowledge. Closure of school and online learning measures cause students to miss out what they already learned.

Pandemic crises

The pandemic put down families into crises, and pushing millions of children off track of their education. Many parents make their students leave schools because of financial conditions. The report warned the South Asian officials that this kind of pandemic may lead both human capital and career loses. If these losses continue to unsolved this will cause great problems in future.

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The leadership in South Asia should create awareness among people to make them realize that education is necessary for good life and for making future bright. World is growing fastly and everyone is in race of getting best for their future. Pakistan should also focus on making the future of country bright and strong.

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