Air pollution causing unknown viruses

Air pollution causing unknown viruses

According to the latest United Nations report, air pollution is causing a lot of unknown viruses in our environment that would kill tens and millions of people. The unknown viruses present in air are responsible for increasing the number of superbugs in environment.

Superbugs are strains of bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics. According to World Health Organization (WHO) these bugs killed 1.27 million people in 2019 and it is estimated that it would kill up to 10 million people by 2050. According to the research these bugs are produced in pollution but some disinfectants make them stronger.

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These disinfectants are present in our daily life in our toothpaste, shampoos to cow mils and wastewater. A new report by researchers asked for quick action on controlling pollution as pollution make the superbugs to develop, spread and transmit. The increasing pollution in world is making human and other living beings life in danger.

The research report showed that antibiotics are also no longer be able to fight with the infection caused by these superbugs. The excessive intake of antibiotics in humans, animals and plants is also dangerous. The United Nations report explained that pollution is increasing in environment from different sectors like agricultural, industrial, chemical and pharmaceutical factories. Usage of heavy metals and herbicides in farming is also the problem in air pollution.

“Silent killer” pollution

The viruses caused by pollution is entering the life of a living being in many different ways, like water, oxygen, and food. The oxygen we inhale is polluted, the food we eat is full of chemicals and water we drink is not clean enough. These viruses present in our daily life are killing us silently. The UN report also mentioned the pollution as the next pandemic without us even realizing it.

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With the increase in population and growth in technology, the world should work on decreasing pollution from environment. The world biggest platforms should take the step and aware people about the key pollution sources and how to counter these sources.

The international platforms can also focus on improving tests for infection so that the real cause of viruses from pollution can be found and cured timely.

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