CM Punjab Lifts Ban On Timing For Shops, Markets In Punjab

CM Punjab Lifts Ban On Timing For Shops, Markets In Punjab

Decision To Down Business Centers

On Wednesday, the Parvez Elahi government reversed former Chief Minister Hamza Shehbaz’s decision to down business centres, markets, superstores, and shops at 9 p.m. in order to save electricity and gasoline. 

The Punjab government has notified Chief Minister Parvez Elahi’s announcement to eliminate the prohibition on the timing condition on business centres, markets, superstores, and shops. 

The notice was issued by the Punjab Labour and Human Resource Department in conjunction with the withdrawal of notifications issued on June 18, 20, and 24, and July 1 and 28, which had regulated the closure hours of shops and establishments with immediate effect and until further instructions. 

Opening Of Business Centers

Sundays are now allowed for the opening of business centres. 

The move by the PML-N-led provincial administration came a day after the Sindh government announced similar austerity measures to save electricity and gasoline. 

The Hamza administration made the decision in accordance with the nine-party coalition government’s plans to address the country’s electricity shortfall. 

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Tackle Parking Concerns

Mr Elahi stated to traders that the government would also tackle parking concerns to bring relief. 

“The PML-N patronised parking mafia, and I know well the patrons and how much the guy gained,” the chief minister said in a tweet. 

Mr Elahi stated that he will remove the parking mafia and spend 30% of parking costs on providing services to traders. 

PML-N Produced Extensive Propaganda

He claimed that the PML-N produced extensive propaganda claiming that things would change with the entrance of the Shehbaz government. He said that nothing had changed and that the Shehbaz government had instead implemented a large price increase and imposed a heavy burden on traders. 

Mr. Elahi also announced the establishment of Rescue 1122 centres in markets. To address the traders’ concerns, a committee led by minister Mian Aslam Iqbal and trader leader Nasir Salman was formed. 

The Punjab government, according to the chief minister, will stick to the vision of “Prosperous Traders and Punjab.” 

Asad Umer, secretary-general of the Pakistan Peoples Party, hailed CM Parvez Elahi, saying that during his previous time as chief minister, he had done more meritorious work than others in Punjab and was praised in Pakistan for his great performance.

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