Chinese Embassy in Islamabad closed down

Chinese Embassy in Islamabad closed down

China announced the close of its embassy in Pakistan on a temporary basis due to technical issues. The Chinese embassy did not share any specific time for reopening of the office and also does not told anything about the nature of the issues and specific reasons for closure.

The official website of the Chinese embassy announced the closure of the office for public services and also announced that it will remain closed in Pakistan until further orders. The Chinese government also advised its citizens to be extremely careful because of security threats in Pakistan. The Chinese Ministry of Foreign affairs also announced that Chinese citizens in Pakistan are at high risk in Pakistan. They warned Chinese people living in Pakistan to stay safe and cautious.

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Service replacement helpline

Chinese embassy’s official website also announced a number 051-8496167 to call in case they need any assistance with travel documents or passport issues. Embassy also announced an email to contact, [email protected]. Citizens are advised to call and email it in case of any emergency.

This announcement of embassy closure came right after the interim Minister meeting to ensure the safety of Pakistani and foreign citizens. Interior Minister Rana Sana Ullah chaired a meeting on February 12th in Gwadar. He discussed all the issues of security measures with forces and advised them to provide all safety measures for Pakistani and foreign citizens.

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He said that foolproof security should be provided to Chinese Nationals working and living in Pakistan, any negligence, in this case, will not be accepted. Chinese engineers working on a power plant project in Swat also stopped their work due to security threats in the province. Pakistan is currently facing severe threats of terrorism in the country which security forces are trying to fight.

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