China, Pakistan & Afghanistan Trilateral Dialogue

China, Pakistan & Afghanistan Trilateral Dialogue

Chinese Foreign Minister is about to visit Pakistan for trilateral talks between Pakistan, Afghanistan and China, hardcore friends and strategic partners from a long time.

Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang will visit the country from May 5 to 6 and attend the trilateral dialogue talks to make the relationship between countries better and stronger.

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This will be the fisrt visit of Foreign Minister Qin Gang to Pakistan. The state coucilor is an important part of the recent intensive interaction between Beijing and Islamabad.

Fourth Strategic Dialogue

The foreign Minister Qin Gang will also chair the fourth Strategic Dialogue between Ministers of China & Pakistan. Qin Gang will conduct face to face communication between the leaders of both countries.

The motive of strategic dialogue is to strengthen the relationship between already close friends. The meeting will also dicuss about international and regional situation related to both the countries.

Earlier, Prime Minister Shahbaz Shareef also visited China and leaders of both countries discussed the direction for development of Pakistan China relations and all-weather strategic partnership.

Chinese leadership said that, China is looking forward to promoting the strategic communication and practical cooperation between both the countries.

The Afghan people also had gone through tough times and they are still facing serious challenges, international community needs to support reconstruction and development in Afghanistan under its interim government.

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Meeting of Foreign Ministers of Afghanistan, Pakistan and China will bring change and help countries to gather in promoting regional peace, stability, development and prosperity.

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