Biden, Xi May Speak In ‘Few Weeks’

Biden, Xi May Speak In ‘Few Weeks’

Growing Agreement Among Nato And G7 Countries

According to US national security adviser Jake Sullivan, US President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping are likely to speak in the coming weeks. Sullivan cited the growing agreement among Nato and G7 countries about the challenge China faces. 

In a communique on Tuesday, the Group of Seven Rich Democracies will discuss China’s non-market economic practises, its debt management strategy, and its human rights record. In contrast, a Nato strategic concept due out later this week will address China in “ways that are unprecedented,” according to him. 

G7 Conference In Southern Germany

At the G7 conference in southern Germany, Sullivan told reporters, “We do think that there is more convergence, both at the G7 and at Nato, around the challenge China poses. 

According to Sullivan, the G7 leaders felt there was a “urgent need” for coordination and agreement on matters including China’s non-market economic practises, its policies on the debt of developing countries, and its stance on human rights. 

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Increasing Focus On China’s Actions

However, he insisted that the increasing focus on China’s actions on the security and economic fronts did not indicate that the West was preparing to start a new Cold War. 

We don’t intend to split the world into opposing blocs and force every nation to make a decision, he declared. “We want to uphold a set of values that are equitable to everyone. And we want to make sure that we’re collaborating with allies who share our views in order to hold China responsible for abiding by those laws. 

On Sunday, G7 leaders committed to raising $600 billion in public and private funding over the course of five years in order to finance the necessary infrastructure in developing nations and compete with China’s more established, multitrillion-dollar Belt and Road initiative.

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