Astronauts answer fourth graders’ questions

Astronauts answer fourth graders' questions

Astronauts answer fourth graders’ questions

Fourth graders at a Karachi school were pleasantly surprised by astronauts around the world after they answered their curious questions on what lies in the space.

It all began with a teacher who whilst explaining to her students about the intricacies of space asked them to expand their horizons and look beyond their limitations and invited them to ask questions directly to the scientists.

The students prepared their questions which were then uploaded by the teacher on social media where she tagged the astronauts and scientists from around the world.

“These fourth graders have some questions for you,” she said while tagging @NASA, @Space_Station @NASAEarth @NASA_Johnson @NASA_Astronauts @NASAKennedy @MarkRober @DestinSandlin @TheSpaceGal @neiltyson.

“Dear NASA, we are students of grade 4 in The Cornerstone School in Karachi, Pakistan. We read all about you in our books and are fascinated by your adventures in space. We really admire your work and we have some questions for you, please reply when you have time,” read the letter from curious students.

“How do you feel when you get blasted off in a space shuttle?” one of the students asked Hadfield. To which, he responded: “Mahrukh – I flew in the Space Shuttle twice. You feel violently shaken, squished, super-focused, excited, and lucky.”

Another student asked Hadfield if he was scared that their space shuttle might get lost?

“Rayyan – I wasn’t scared we’d get lost. We had the Earth nearby and used the stars to steer. I felt especially comforted when I flew over the home.” He went on to share a picture of Karachi he took! “Can you find your school?” Hadfield told the young student.

Reading responses from the scientists, the students over visibly over the moon as they were not expecting such detailed and timely answers from the pioneers in the field.

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