A goat with 5 thorns becomes the highlight of Karachi’s maweshi mandi

A goat with 5 thorns becomes the highlight of Karachi’s maweshi mandi

Since Eid-al-Adha is just around the corner, a goat with 5 thorns has taken social media by storm.

People are not only amazed by the look of it but a guessing game has also heated up about what price will the goat be sold for.

About 100,000 sacrificial animals have reached the Karachi maweshi mandi so far.

People have been gathering around animals with unique features, as usual. Hundreds of cows, goats, and other animals are being brought at the cattle market every day.

So far, the average price of a goat is between Rs35,000 and Rs50,000. The market, this year, has the capacity to house more than 600,000 animals.

Karachi has always been the heated hub in the Eid of sacrifice.

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Vehicles bringing in these animals enter through three gates and are obliged to pay around Rs1,200 to Rs1,600 for each animal they bring in. Of course, the price varies with the size of an animal.

The management has to provide 16 litres of water for free every day, however, the cattle owners are free to purchase an additional amount if they wish to do so.

The largest sacrificial cattle market of Asia at Karachi’s Super Highway is operating in full compliance with the standard operating procedures (SOPs) in view of COVID-19.

The largest sacrificial livestock market in Karachi is established on over 900-acre land at Super Highway.

The local authorities have made plans to ensure the availability of electricity and water in the open-air livestock market ahead of Eidul Azha.

As per details, contracts had been awarded to contractors for finalising the arrangements of Karachi’s maweshi Mandi, and the cattle dealers and citizens have been bound to follow coronavirus SOPs.

It is a rule that no one is to be allowed to enter the premises of the cattle market if he or she is not wearing a face mask.

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