YouTube service disrupted in Pakistan

YouTube service

YouTube service was interrupted

According to NetBlocks, a company that monitors internet outages, YouTube service was interrupted in some areas of Pakistan on Tuesday evening before PTI Chairman Imran Khan’s speech at a party power show in Peshawar. 

The interruption occurred even though the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority’s ban on Imran’s statements was lifted by the Islamabad High Court, according to NetBlocks. 

Given their disproportionate impact on fundamental rights, such as freedom of expression and freedom of assembly, NetBlocks advises against using network interruptions and social media limitations to restrict political communication, the organisation said. 

Social media users

Numerous social media users have previously reported service disruption before NetBlocks’ confirmation. 

The PTI and party leaders accused the administration of being to fault for the situation, stressing that the party or Imran will not be deterred by the ban. 

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Fawad Chaudhry, vice president of the PTI, claimed that Pakistan has now “formally become a banana republic.” 

“YouTube was abruptly disabled once more by the fascist imported government and its handlers. Really terrible mindsets,” ex-minister of human rights Shireen Mazari tweeted. 

Scared Political Pygmies

“Imran Khan’s speech will be heard in some way, you small-minded, scared political pygmies. Never imagined a state would wage cyberwar on its own citizens! Shameful.” 

Azhar Mashwani, the party’s focal person, claimed that the Pakistani government had once again blocked YouTube to prevent people from viewing the most well-liked Pakistani political leader Imran Khan’s Peshawar jalsa speech.

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