Wikipedia banned in Pakistan

Wikipedia banned in Pakistan

Pakistan blocked Wikipedia services in the whole country after that uploading of blasphemous content on it, the Pakistan telecommunication authority (PTA) ordered the immediate removal of content but the website failed to do it. After which PTA banned the website in country.

Wikipedia is a giant website storing bulk of information in it from the whole world. Wikipedia is one the most used website ranking in top twenty from 2007. It is basically a collection of a lot of wiki websites which gathered together to from one giant website full of information.

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) confirmed the banning of website after the website’s rebuttal in removing the blasphemy content. The telecom regulator confirmed the presence of content on website after which the authority banned the use of website within Pakistan.

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PTA gave 2 day deadline to website holders in order to remove all the blasphemy content and not to post any further content in Blasphemy, but the owners did not removed any content.  The spokesperson to PTA told media that we are willing to remove ban only if they remove the concerned content first.

Services degraded for 48 hours

Before banning the website fully, PTA official account tweeted that we are degrading the services of Wikipedia for 48 hours because of indecent content on it against our religion. After than PTA officially banned the website from country.

Several other countries like China, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Russia, and Uzbekistan also banned the website over the time in wake of violation of rules. The platform is considered as one of the top ranked website as many students, researchers and teachers use this website for information gaining.

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The right wings, supporters and netizens started criticizing the government over non serious attitude and governments’ priorities when country is facing the worst crises.

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