Wednesday Season 2, All Details

Wednesday Season 2, All Details

After the success of the thrilling of Wednesday season 1, the spooky and mysterious Addams family is once again coming to screens to make the new season just as unique and interesting as the first season.

Wednesday is an Addams Family series starring Jenna Ortega as the notorious Wednesday Addams. The series has one season currently streaming on Netflix and a second is currently in the works.

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Wednesday is Normal

Wednesday Season 1 showed some odd sides of Wednesday Addams, always wearing black, loves mystery, hates socializing and anything remotely normal making the first season a full on thrill show.

Now the viewers are expecting some normal side of Wednesday in season 2, they are waiting to try and find the more normal aspects to understand about who she is as a person.

Furthermore, some normal aspects of Wednesday are what connect her to other cast. All the other teenagers are well known to each other and Wednesday has already won the hearts of other peers but its important that they understand her as a person on very basic level.

The season 2 will capture both the present and past of Wednesday Addams, what she witnessed and felt while growing up in the strange house of Addams Family.

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The second season will show more normal, more vulnerable and understandable side of character to the viewers. The series will hopefully elevate itself and maintain the popularity it has already garnered for itself.

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