House of Dragon Season 2

House of Dragon Season 2

Media agency released some fresh pictures of House of the Dragon, the second season of Game of Thrones. Fans are all excited for season 2 as the first part was loved by almost all.

The second season will show rifts in the House Targaryen as Queen Helena Targaryen is wearing a green dress, which is that of House Hightower, the main nemesis of House Targaryen.

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The mother daughter duo can be seen wearing a veil over their face. The executive producer and showrunner Ryan Condal shared his experience as thrilled to be shooting with the original cast.

He said, “We are thrilled to be shooting again with members of our original family as well as new talents on both sides of the camera, all your favorite characters will soon be conspiring at the council tables, marching with their armies, and riding dragons into battle. We can’t wait to share what we have in store”.

Adaption of Fire and Blood

House of the Dragon is the live adaptation of ‘Fire and Blood’, the theme based on Martin’s novel series, “A song of Ice and Fire”. The events in the show are based 200 years before the events in the latter.

The second season of Game of Thrones will see new faces as Harry Collet, Bethany Antonia, Pheobe Campbell, Phia Daban, Jefferson Hall and Mathhew Needham joining the franchise.

The brilliant Simon Russel Beale has been cast as the great uncle to cunning lord Larys Strong and the Castellan of Harrenhal Ser Simon Strong.

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Abubakara Salim is also playing a character of Alyn of Hull as a sailor in the Velaryon fleet during the Stepstones campaign. Gayle Rankin will play the healer and resident of Harrenhal Alys Rivers. A with with mystical visions and an influential person.

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