Wahab Riaz in hot waters

Wahab Riaz in hot waters

Former Cricketer Wahab Riaz, who also holds the Sports and Youth Affairs position in the interim provincial cabinet, recently issued an apology on Twitter after the viral video on internet showed him driving recklessly on flooded roads, splashing bikers and small cars.

However, despite his apology, the public is not satisfied and unwilling to forgive him for his actions. The netizens are continously attacking former cricketer making him regret his entire life.

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The video depicted Wahab Riaz driving in a careless manner and intentionally splashing rainwater onto passing motorcyclists, cars and walking people. Social media users heavily criticized him for this unethical behavior, accusing him of reckless driving and showing disregard for others on the road.

They called him a senseless and arrogant rich person who does not care about anyone else on road.

Wahab Riaz Apology

In his apology tweet, Wahab Riaz told that there are always two sides to a story but felt that people tend to focus on the negative side more than the positive side. He said that his driving and actions were purely unintentional and were misjudged.

He urged people for the spreading of positivity instead of negative propaganda that could malign the country.

However, his apology failed to satisfy social media users, who continued to express their disappointment and anger towards him. Some individuals accused him of displaying his true character through his actions and insults, while others demanded his resignation from the interim cabinet due to his questionable attitude towards the public.

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It appears that despite Wahab Riaz’s apology, the public remains unforgiving, and his actions have caused significant backlash and criticism on social media platforms.

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