Tiktok deleted 11.7m Pakistani videos

Tiktok deleted 11.7m Pakistani videos

Tiktok has removed around 11.7 million from Pakistan for violating community guidelines in the first quarter of 2023. The online short video social networking site has released the latest community guidelines law for 2023.

As part of this community guideline report, misinformation would stop and there will be a safe environment for everyone on TikTok.

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91 million videos removed globally

In the recent report, TikTok said that it has officially removed more than 91 million videos globally from the start of 2023. This makes up the 0.6% of total videos uploaded to the platform.

Around 53.49 million videos were removed automatically worldwide and 6.20 videos were removed after reviewing their content. The number of total videos removed was more than 85.68 million removed in 2022.

During the first quarter of 2023, 83% of the videos were successfully removed before reaching any views and 92% of the content was removed within a day after checking its violation.

TikTok also removed 16.94 million accounts suspected of belonging to users under the age of 13, prioritising the safety of young people.

Around 51.29 million fake accounts were removed during the first quarter of 2023, highlighting TikTok’s efforts to counter fraudulent activity.

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The report added that the platform took preventive measures to automatically block the creation of spam accounts.

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