I-voting for overseas

I-voting for overseas

The Law Minister of Pakistan Azam Nazeer Tarar announced that overseas Pakistanis would not be allowed to have the facility of internet voting for the upcoming election.

He said, “Overseas Pakistanis willing to vote have the right to do so, but since the committee’s report and the Supreme Court’s report stated that internet voting was not possible, pilot projects will not be allowed”.

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The electoral committee has been meeting for days, as the government is ready to hand over the setup to a caretaker government in August before the upcoming elections. The elections are scheduled to take place at the end of this year.

Transperency & Credibility of Elections

There are a lot of last-minute amendments which are secret yet but chances are not about internet voting as the electoral body is focused on transparency and credibility of results.

A number of amendments to the Elections Act 2017 have been suggested to ensure the timely submission of election results.

The internet voting or i-voting for overseas Pakistanis has been a longstanding issue of contention between the incumbent Pakistan Democrative Movement-led government and the opposition PTI.

The previous PTI government had made multiple changes in Elections Act 2017 including the use of electronic voting machines and allowing overseas Pakistanis to vote but preparations for all these features are not completed yet.

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The Law Minister Azam Nazeer Tarar said that final report of committee will be revealed soon, amendments proposed to the laws were aimed at filling the gaps in the election process and making the system more transparent.

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