Billion dollars UAE help to Pakistan

Billion dollars UAE help to Pakistan

Prime Minister Shahbaz Shareef thanked the President UAE for giving billion dollars to Pakistan and strengthening the brotherly relations between Pakistan and the UAE.

The UAE-Pakistan relations extend at all political, economic, social level, it shows the trust-worthy strategic partnership between the United Arab Emirates and Pakistan.

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Minister for Finance and Revenue Senator Muhammad Ishaq Dar confirmed that the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) has received a deposit of $1 billion from the United Arab Emirates which would further strengthen and improve the foreign exchange reserves of the country.

The Finance Minister said that after receiving the deposit of $1 billion from the United Arab Emirates, the foreign exchange reserves in SBP increased to $3 billion in just two days.

He also thanked the Government of the United Arab Emirates on behalf of country’s leadership and people of Pakistan for their great gesture of help during the crises time. The UAE’s support always helped Pakistan get back on its knees.

He further added that Pakistan had started its journey towards economic growth and strength, every coming day and year would be better than passing day. Pakistan would soon regain its unique status at global level.

Bilateral Cooperation between UAE & Pakistan

The UAE and Pakistan are working together in various fields, urging the need to expand strong brotherly relationship. Both the countries are connected to each other from a long trustworthy history of over 50 years.

The government of the United Arab Emirates affirmed its support to Pakistan to help overcome the economic and financial difficulties the country is facing in general.

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