The 15th National Assembly Ends: What Happens Now?


Big news, everyone! The 15th National Assembly, which is like a group of important people who help make decisions for our country, has finished its time. It’s a bit like the end of a school year, but for our leaders. So, what comes next? Let’s find out!

When the 15th National Assembly is dissolved, it means that their time in office is over. We will also have a new group of leaders. These leaders are elected by people like you from different areas, and they gather together to talk about important things that affect our country.

So, after the 15th National Assembly, there will be something called elections. This is when all the people of the country get to vote for the new leaders they want. Its very important to choose your leader carefully for the better future of our country and political world.

Once the elections are done, the 16th National Assembly will be formed. This group will be made up of new faces who were chosen by the people. They will work together to discuss and decide on laws, policies, and things that are good for our country.

But wait, there’s more! Before the new National Assembly starts its work, a special ceremony is held. During this ceremony, the new members take an oath, A promise, to do their best for our country and its people. Which takes a new step to a better future.

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So, even though the 15th National Assembly has ended, it’s not the end of the story. It’s like turning the page to a new chapter in a book. We’ll have new leaders, new decisions, and new plans to make our country even better.Remember, this is all part of how our country works. We have the chance to choose our leaders and be a part of the decisions that shape our future. So, as we say goodbye to the 15th National Assembly, we look forward to what the 16th National Assembly will bring. Exciting times ahead!

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