Sharmila Faruqi shares barbs with Yasir and Iqra over ‘actual parenting’

Sharmila Faruqi shares barbs with Yasir and Iqra over ‘actual parenting’

Yasir Hussain and Iqra Aziz took to their Instagram to respond to Sharmila Faruqi’s comments on how fathers engaging in other parental duties is “not special” and does not justify any glorification.

The politician, Faruqi, had made the comments under a post by Iqra in which Yasir was changing his son Kabir’s clothes.

Iqra Aziz had posted that picture on her Instagram.

“A clothing change session prior to leaving for work,” she wrote. “I am so proud of you, Yasir. You have helped me so much in this phase of my motherhood from pampering to holding him while I rest for a bit. You also made my breakfasts,” she wrote.

Since all of that is very lovely to hear and read, it didn’t impress Faruqi, who is also a mother.

“I’m glad your husband is hands-on, but this is nothing to be proud of. Nor is this anything special. All fathers should do this for their kids. My husband changes diapers,  bathes, feeds and takes our son to his school if I’m at work or unwell. He loves it,” she wrote.

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Popular actress Mathira sided with Yasir and Iqra on the issue. She wrote, “I don’t know why everyone is trying to school people. They’re doing it even for the correct stuff.”

She said that artists have the right to share their personal and emotional moments and people should keep quiet if they don’t like the idea of something that was posted by them.

In our society, fathers take the backseat at times of actual parenting; therefore when a father steps up, it’s seen more like help and not a shared responsibility. It’s good news that lately, our celebrities are understanding that it takes two people to bring a child into the world. And, the responsibility for raising a child should be shouldered by two people.

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