Fawad says India failed miserably in Afghanistan

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The Kabul visit by the director-general of Pakistan’s prime intelligence agency, Inter-Services Intelligence, gets defended by the Federal Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry.

The Minister highlighted that unconventional contacts are essential for deliberation on multiple affairs during the time of power void in Afghanistan.

According to media reports, ISI DG Lt-Gen Faiz Hameed was present in Kabul to conduct various Afghan leaders and Taliban leadership meetings.

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The minister elucidated on Sunday that there is a lack of governance in Afghanistan at the moment. “During these times, it is unclear who should an authority from the political framework of Pakistan meet their counterparts in Afghanistan?”

He added that the prime minister and foreign minister would meet their counterparts who are not currently present there.

Fawad said, “unconventional contacts are a means of sharing related concerns and various state affairs. Both countries share a mutual relationship characterized by strategic, political, social and economic gains. The federal capital cannot overlook the general public of Afghanistan as it will directly impact Pakistan during the time of instability in Kabul.”

The minister also nullified the notion of an exclusive Afghan policy, different from the rest of the world. The only contrast in the policy is that Pakistan has been asking for a sustainable solution to the Afghan crisis for years. On the other hand, other countries acknowledged it recently.

Answering a reporter, he added that the formation of a government is a fundamental right of Afghanis, and Pakistan braced the notion of an inclusive Afghani government. Pakistan can play the role of intermediary for Afghanistan and continue its duty as a consultant with other world powers and regional nations.

The minister also highlighted the weak policy of India and questioned the strategy made by the Modi government. He emphasized that the policy was a wastage of money that could be used to better the marginalized community.

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